More than just a tool

Ideanote supports a culture of moving forward

Optimize Processes

Swiftly locate improvements within your sphere. Trying to improve current processes or operations? No need to tie up large sums of resources for various classic innovation events. Rather, you can experience true agility and run idea campaigns in real time, inviting the people that matter to join you instantly.

Use Ideanote to continuously improve your internal processes. Several companies from various industries successfully use Ideanote to optimize their internal processes. Get those extra percent for your ROI by focusing your challenges on tangible improvements. As implementable ideas appear, they can be further developed and executed.

Find Solutions

Every team meets challenges for which a collective brain is needed. Every team comes across issues that need to be solved. Create a challenge explaining the problem, then invite your team and other relevant stakeholders within your organization. Evaluate ideas within the challenge, and select ideas for testing and implementation.

Simple challenges can create amazing results. It is important to keep in mind that not all ideas will be ground-breaking or immediately send your organization propelling to the stars. But that does not mean small ideas are not useful. Quite often, it is the small details that make us perfect. And your stakeholders will notice small improvements and appreciate them.

Discover New Products

Gather ideas for new products or amendments of your existing offers. Customer front desk deals with customer pains regularly. Engaging them for insights and ideas can help develop new concepts or important features. This is just one example of your engagement potentials.

All the knowledge of your processes, your ways of working, your products and your markets exist within your team and your stakeholders collective knowledge. Ideanote helps you benefit from this knowledge by removing barriers preventing internal communication and innovation. In return, you become agile and flexible, and you will thrive on the collective knowledge.

Develop HR Best Practices

Signal to your team that you are responsive and actively listening. Involving your team in the challenges, and actively listening through the idea generation phase signals transparency and communicate the strategic direction. Meanwhile, Ideanote provides a structured and safe way for everyone to provide constructive feedback.

Linking employees with diverse backgrounds and from different teams or departments will share knowledge and committing key stakeholders early in a change management process. Run challenges to continuously tackle and avoid human resource issues such as employee retention, learning, and development. Using Ideanote will show your team that you care.

Get In Touch

Are you interested in using our idea management platform, but would like to know more about the possibilities before getting started and committing to it? Then please get in touch. We will be happy to help you by explaining the potentials of Ideanote, the process, and how to get it all rolling. Fill in your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible (expect lightning speed!)