Open Innovation Software

Open Innovation Software

Open up your innovation

Co-create solutions with customers, partners or suppliers with Ideanote's collaborative Open Innovation platform.

Overall customer satisfaction rating on G2.

Future ready companies use Ideanote for Open Innovation


Being out of touch means being left behind.

What if the next big idea isn't in your team but from a customer?

A hands-off approach of just waiting for ideas left at your doorstep won't work. If your companies remains closed to external innovation it will grow slower and will be overtaken by competitors.

Closed Culture

Closed Culture

No connection.

Today's consumers are smart and creative and they expect you to listen to their opinions - instead of being left behind.

Failed Innovation

Failed Innovation

Wrong solutions.

If your company is not listening to the needs of the market you end up building products and service that aren't needed.

Slow Change

Slow Change

Aging product line.

Without outside influence your teams focus on just one product line for too long without reimagining what's possible.

"Ideanote enables us to actively engage with our members in real time, while contributing to a better understanding of their wants and needs"

Mads Buhl
Consultant, DI Consulting
Mads Buhl

Get a competitive edge.

Go from creativity from the few towards towards systematic creativity from the many and give your company a culture of openness.

Involving external audiences helps your company stay ahead of competitors, survive new threats and ride the wave of emerging trends.

Open Innovation Software

Unlock talent and expertise.

Go from succeeding together towards succeeding more together with more people. Build a bridge between people who are not domain experts but have radical and creative ideas and the experts that can turn them into a reality.

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Reduce risk and time to market.

Use your crowd to react faster and launch better and longer lasting solutions.

Product life cycles are getting shorter and competition is right around the corner. Open Innovation with Ideanote lets you speed up your innovation by involving partners and end-users while making sure you are building towards actual customer needs.

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Open Innovation Software
Open Innovation Software

Create new revenue streams.

Create value through innovation instead of squeezing costs harder than the competition.

Open Innovation with Ideanote empowers you to identify and design the solutions your customers need the most.

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Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Open Innovation software.

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Get the leading Open Innovation Software

Co-create with customers and become more customer centric with a platform that lets you build your own thriving Open Innovation community.


Get results in weeks.

Ideanote's Open Innovation solution lets you get a fast turnaround from launching challenge to identifying winning solutions.


Build value over time.

Create an innovation community and an innovation brain with a network of resources inside and outside your company.


Build a pipeline for growth.

Get a full cycle platform from launching challenges to managing submission, evaluation, feedback and KPI tracking.

How Danish Industry transformed their services and customer experiences by listening to the ideas of its members.

Idea Collections
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Open Innovation Software

We believe that things that are created with, for, and by a community are more successful – they’re loved more. And it’s just a better way of working.

Roland Harwood
Managing Director of 100% Open
Roland Harwood

Best Open Innovation Software

When it comes to customer experience, companies are stuck in the past. Customers expect to be part of creating their own experiences around your brand. Delivering on those expectations is a constant challenge but every step closer is worth a lot both on the bottom-line and in goodwill. Ideanote represents a whole new approach to making open innovation more simple, fun and efficient for everyone. So you have the freedom to build the best customer experiences.

Open innovation is a cornerstone in any sound innovation strategy, yet getting started can be a daunting task. Ideanote is rated the easiest innovation platform to implement and helps you drive your open innovation with ease. With Ideanote your department can set up idea collections on demand and the crowd helps you develop and prioritize ideas. It gives you the agility to innovate and the power to scale.

Ideanote is easy-to-use and engaging and lets you adopt an Open Innovation culture capable of reimagining markets, technologies and more with ease.

Reach out to an audience, build your community and find solutions to internal and external challenges fast. With Ideanote your department can set up idea collections on demand and the crowd helps you develop and prioritize ideas. It gives you the agility to innovate and the power to scale.

Power your Open Innovation with a platform that is flexible and fully customizable and that offers a transparent process that leads to results and keeps people engaged.

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People don’t have to work for you to work with you.

  • Go from a closed culture to an open culture.
  • Involve your crowd quickly and seamlessly.
  • Get a robust open innovation process.
  • Crowdsource winning ideas.
  • Build a valuable community.

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