Employee Engagement Software

Employee Engagement Software

Bring out the best in your people.

Drive employee engagement by getting them involved in purpose driven innovation that brings the whole company together.

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Trusted engagement solution for teams and enterprises alike


Don't loose your talent to the competition.

When employees are working spread across functions and offices they feel less heard and out of the loop with your company. Without involving them in co-creating a future or a higher purpose your top talent will start looking for new opportunities.

No Purpose

No Purpose

People are less connected.

Unless you directly involve your employees in co-creating the future they will feel disconnected from your vision.

Low productivity

Low productivity

People are less committed.

Disengaged employees are less productive, less creative or willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Brain Drain

Brain Drain

People leave.

Few things are more expensive than losing people and knowledge — and having to find and onboard new talent.

"Ideanote has enabled us to bring together individuals from all over the United States to strategize and brainstorm"

Jayson Valčík
Director, Global Health Services & Strategic Initiatives, NYU
Jayson Valčík

Turn your company into a talent magnet.

Ideanote helps leading companies create a high performing culture of collaboration and idea sharing.

The platform allows leaders to engage their entire workforce in innovation and that connect everyone to a higher purpose. Craft solutions together, identify top performers and accelerate growth within weeks.

Employee Engagement Software

Link employees with your goals.

Engagement begins by asking the right questions and working together. Launch goal driven campaigns centered around your business needs and start engaging your employees in co-creating the future of their company.

Use pre-built templates or customize your idea collection and the submission form.

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Create a lasting innovation culture.

Engage people in collaborative ideation, innovation and cross-team problem solving to shape an unbeatable culture and sense of belonging.

Build your own way of innovating across locations and roles with a platform that drives constructive discussion with an inbuilt feedback look that makes everyone feel heard.

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Employee Engagement Software
Employee Engagement Software

Turn innovation insights into engagement outcomes.

Hear the beating heart of your culture with customizable insights reports on your top innovators. Always keep an overview of who is and who isn't engaged on a team, department or company level.

Then use these insights to empower your top entrepreneurial innovators to thrive and grow with the company.

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Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Employee Engagement software.

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Why leading brands choose Ideanote for engagement and innovation.

Build your people-first culture with a platform that delivers business results.


Learn from experts.

Ideanote will help you establish engaging innovation with best practice templates, documentation, guides and free support as well as your personal success manager.


Customize to your needs.

Ideanote is intuitive for users and admins alike. You can set up your workspace in minutes and customize everything from branding to entire automation workflows.


End-to-end innovation.

Drive innovation for growth that impacts your bottom line. Innovation engages and creates results across teams and departments so you can out-compete your competitors.

Thoughtworks explores the Future of Work with Ideanote

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Employee Engagement Software

"Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability."

Anne M. Mulcahy
Former chairperson and CEO of Xerox
Anne M. Mulcahy

Employee Engagement Software and Innovation

Employee Engagement and Innovation is a winning recipe. Employee engagement feeds innovation, and that innovation in turn drives engagement. It’s a virtuous cycle for your teams – and your business. These types of programs can also be designed to uncover any friction points which might exist between bosses, co-workers and departments. The idea is to create an environment where every single employee knows that their opinion is valued and that they have the autonomy to solve problems on their own. This helps to increase employee retention

Employees are an integral part of any company's success. Engaged employees are more productive, stay with a company longer, and will ultimately result in increased profits for the company. This article discusses how employee engagement software can increase productivity, improve culture, and support organizational goals.

Employee Engagement Software is software that helps organizations improve their culture. It includes features such as gamification and social engagement. Gamification is when an organization include game mechanics into their daily tasks so people are motivated to participate and have fun while they work. Social engagement allows employees to interact with each other through different methods such as chat, group intranets, or team collaboration apps. This type of software increases employee satisfaction by creating engaging teams to engage them in the workplace. The software helps employees to be more productive and achieve their goals.

Employee Engagement Software is a program that allows companies to measure the engagement of their employees on an individual level. This is done by measuring how engaged each individual employee is with their company and how they are feeling in general. Employee Engagement Software can help companies identify the best ways to improve culture, as well as make sure that everyone is happy at work.

How would you know if your company needs employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is a type of tool which helps with employee engagement and motivation. There are many different types of employee engagement software companies can use, but the most important one is the culture improvement. This software is designed to improve satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. The goal of this software is to help increase energy and engagement in the workplace by making work more enjoyable. There are many employment engagement software companies, so it is hard to know which one is best. The best way to tell if your company needs

Why do companies need to implement it?

Employee engagement is a term used to describe how strongly a person feels towards their occupation, whether it's a job, internship, or voluntary work. In the workplace, employee engagement has been proven to have important benefits for both employees and employers, such as increased productivity and decreased absenteeism. With global competition and higher expectations the importance of improving employee engagement has been increasing in recent years.

Employee engagement software is a new way to measure employee satisfaction and performance. The software can be used to track everything from an employee's specific work goals, to their overall satisfaction with the company. This type of software has been proven successful in improving culture, enabling companies to understand what drives employees, how they feel about the company, and how engaged they are. There are two different types of engagement software. The first is an employee feedback platform. In this type of system, employees fill out surveys that

Benefits of implementing employee engagement software

The benefits of implementing an employee engagement software solution vary depending on the company. For example, if a company is trying to reduce a high turnover rate or implement a new performance management system, then it might be beneficial for them to use an employee engagement software solution. Employee engagement software systems can also improve culture by fostering a more positive work environment and encouraging feedback.

Employee engagement is the level of employee interest, dedication and motivation. Employee engagement is not about happy workers who are content in their jobs. Rather it's about employees who excel at their work and demonstrate the capacity to do more than what is expected of them which ultimately impacts the company’s bottom line.

Use Ideanote to create goal-oriented idea collections and watch people engage with goals they care about. When your people have a space to voice their ideas, they feel empowered and valued.

How does employee engagement software work?

Employee engagement software has a variety of different uses. One way is to improve your culture by using it to improve the way employees feel about their work-life balance and their job satisfaction. Another way it can be used is by using the software to measure employee productivity and identify strengths. This will help you create an effective strategy for improving employee productivity, which in turn helps you increase customer satisfaction and build your company's brand identity.

Get a process that is transparent from start to finish with an inbuilt feedback loop. Finally your people will feel included, inspired, motivated and part of something bigger. By identifying the causes of low engagement and then taking steps to address them, companies can grow their workforce and improve everyone's sense of well-being. Ideanote scales together with your organization so you can break down silos one at a time. Watch as your people become more united and engaged than ever before.

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Improve you Employee Engagement

Turn managers into progressive leaders and help employees develop in a way that lifts the bottom line.

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