Innovation Solution for Retail

Delight and retain customers.

In times of change retail needs to on top of effective work execution and a have a customer centric approach to innovation to stay competitive.


Stay Customer Centric

Never forget the customer. Drive product innovation that focuses on customer problems.


Improve your Processes

Solve problems where they occur and become known for a customer experience that delights.


Co-Create Solutions

Work with your network of suppliers and vendors to co-create solutions that convince.


Connected to 1000+ tools

Use the tools your Retail depends on and connect it with Ideanote's fully integrated software.

squares of innovation integrations floating up

Customers will keep coming back for more when they're happy.

Retail success is based on customer satisfaction--keep them happy so your business can grow by accelerating your pace of improvements and more innovating goal driven while keeping your workforce engaged as well. Use Ideanote's flexible innovation platform to innovate where you need to, faster.

Without great customer experiences, every retailer is threatened. To stand out in a retail world that moves with lightning speed, it's important to make every interaction meaningful. With Ideanote, you can dive deeper into what your customers need — wherever they need it. Provide them with a better service that always improves, products that delight and help ensure you make the right innovation decisions.


Capture ideas in seconds

Ideanote is a powerful idea collection tool. Capture ideas quickly. From teammates, clients or a global crowd — crowdsource new solutions from the combined intelligence of the many.

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Unify your innovation

No more lost ideas across notes, email and text conversations. Give your innovation efforts a new home where all ideas can live and that everyone on your team understands. Ideas? Ideanote.

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Innovate your way

Deliver a transparent but custom workflow that involves the right people in collaboration at every step. From developing ideas to professional idea evaluation and more — your innovation, your process.

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Eliminate friction

Ideanote's idea collections are accessible to all, easy to use and work for asynchronus idea collection too. With the embeddable widget you can even collect ideas right where your people are, like on your intranet or website.

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Empower your people

People want autonomy and purpose. They want down-to-earth results. They want transparent processes. Ideanote helps you deliver innovation in a way that builds healthy, lasting engagement.

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Keep the overview

Innovation is managed chaos. Startups and enterprises alike depend on Ideanote's manage features it's easy to stay on top of even the biggest storm of incoming ideas.

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Improve quality

Not all ideas are born equal — make sure ideas are heard by providing the right context, helpful guiding form fields and idea collections that spark inspiration in today's purpose driven workers.

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Make innovation a habit

Kickstart a virtuous culture — that keeps employees engaged and customers co-creating and turn innovation into an organizational competency, not just an expensive external resource.

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Get stuff done

Ideas are worth little, unless they are executed. Make sure the right ideas keep moving forward with an end-to-end innovation funnel that helps your organization prioritize and implement valuable ideas.

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Find solutions with goal-driven idea collections

Launch focused idea-collections centered around a question or a pain point to collect more of your people’s best ideas. If you're ever in doubt, you can browse our gallery of idea collection templates.

For example: How might we improve our product?

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Centralize innovation in your branded workspace

Finally create a home for your innovation customizable workspace. Add your logo, colors and styling or even a custom domain and make people feel at home. Then enable company login with Single Sign-On (SSO) for fast and secure access for your teammates.

For example: How about instead of an Ideanote URL?

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Develop ideas together with collaboration.

Every idea has a right to be considered before it is dismissed. Co-create solutions with clear and easy collaboration features, including threaded comments, mentions, likes, and attachments and ask

For example: Why not collect feedback by asking how might we improve this idea?

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Communicate your vision by adding details

Make sure people have the context they need by adding more detailed descriptions or file uploads to your missions. The clearer your call for ideas - the higher their quality is going to be.

For example: How about adding a video from the CFO personally asking for ideas?

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Scale your efforts with team folders

Grow from one team to many by adding folders for teams, departments, or topics to keep a tidy overview - even when you scale.

For example: How about a team folder for each department in your organization?

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Take action with easy drag & drop

Managing ideas can be easy and playful with Ideanote. When an idea is ready for the next step in the process, just drag & drop it to the next phase and make sure ideas are actually acted on.

For example: How about moving developed ideas into the evaluation phase?

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Innovate with suppliers

With an obviously in-demand and evolving industry, the help of a reliable and optimized supply chain in today's economy is necessary in retail in today's economy to succeed. Work together with suppliers, distributors, and vendors to make sure you are delivering what is needed when its needed.

Involve and engage your workforce.

Leveraging the latest advancements in technology and AI, the leading retailers in the industry can minimize costs and maximize sales through innovative retail solutions. Challenge your employees to be a part of creating the next generation of consumer products.

Support physical innovation labs

Although physical stores aren’t dead at all, retailers have had to innovate with new store concepts and in-store retail innovations. Leading retails continue to innovate with pilot projects stage that successfully meet omnichannel goals and attract new customers.

Become an innovation leader

Retail innovation is changing rapidly. According to Retail Systems Research, 79% of Retail Winners find Board of Directors demanding innovative new ideas to help satisfy customers, while 44% of retailers with average and lagging performance struggle to innovate. With Ideanote you can turn your innovation lag into an innovation lead and there is no better time than now.

Top Ideanote Features for Retail
Idea Collections
Trend Analysis
Cluster View
Custom Branding
Custom Audience

Ready to accelerate your Retail innovation?

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USE-CASE: Open Innovation

Open up your innovation

Accelerate your innovation by opening up the problem to people outside the organization's boundaries.

USE-CASE: Employee Engagement

Bring out the best in your people.

Create a happier, more productive workplace with employees that are committed to and aligned on goals.

USE-CASE: Continuous Improvement

Improve your business every single day.

Establish a culture of identifying and implementing improvements in your workplace to lift productivity, quality and customer happiness.

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