Innovation Solution for Mid-Market

Accelerate your innovation as you scale.

Ideanote aligns your customers and people around goal-driven innovation that works — so you can accelerate your innovation even as you scale.


Growing? Don't compromise on your innovation.

Just because you're growing doesn't mean you need to slow down your innovation. Ideanote lets you source valuable ideas from anywhere and keeps your business and products competitive.


Attract and Retain Talent

Be known as a company that listens to employees and engage cross-functional teams in collaborative innovation that delivers.


More Customer Happiness

Make customers the heart of your business by focusing your innovation on their problems and co-creating solutions.


Turn Chaos into Growth

Don't lose the overview. Ideanote helps you manage ideas from anywhere and move the right ones forward - efficiently.


Connected to 1000+ tools

Use the tools your Mid-Market depends on and connect it with Ideanote's fully integrated software.

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Are you slowing down innovation or drowning in chaos?

As your company scales, ideas and innovation become complex and time craving to manage. Leaders demand innovation but manager struggle to organize a process that works while employees and customers wonder why no one is listening to their ideas. With customers and people spread across the globe and your competition closing in you need to innovate.

Most solutions are built for extremes from paper notes to, real-time meetings or enterprise platform. Nothing really captures the simplicity and ease of use your growing company expects. You need to hit the ground running and set up system that saves time instead using costly hours.

You might have tried to solve it with a makeshift solution - tracking ideas in excel sheets or other solutions not up to the tasks - but its just making the chaos worse:

  • Ideas get lost across other tools.
  • Innovation lacks focus and process.
  • Ideas are prioritized on gut feeling.
  • Success is rare and time consuming.

Ideanote flips the innovation experience upside down.

With Ideanote you can accelerate innovation and growth without the busywork.

Smart Templates mean you don't need to have an whole innovation team to get started. Automation workflows lets you build your own time saving innovation pipeline that brings results you can depend on. Inbuilt focus means your organization can focus on challenges that matter and move the right ideas forward.


Innovate your way

Deliver a transparent but custom workflow that involves the right people in collaboration at every step. From developing ideas to professional idea evaluation and more — your innovation, your process.

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Prove your impact

From an engaged innovation culture to implemented ideas, Ideanote helps you prove your innovation efforts are bearing fruits with inbuilt reports that track your impact from day one.

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Automate repetitve tasks

Ideanote Automations do the busywork and create consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters.

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Keep the overview

Innovation is managed chaos. Startups and enterprises alike depend on Ideanote's manage features it's easy to stay on top of even the biggest storm of incoming ideas.

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Celebrate success

Innovation is a team sport — and you'll want to celebrate and appreciate your successes just as much. Ideanote makes it easy to find and share your innovation success stories with your crowd.

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Supercharge existing tools

Ideanote Automations work with external apps to bring everything into a single, shared workflow. Create new ideas and implement clear SOPs across your team without breaking a sweat. Automatically move ideas and integrate with 100+ tools and endless possibilities.

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Get stuff done

Ideas are worth little, unless they are executed. Make sure the right ideas keep moving forward with an end-to-end innovation funnel that helps your organization prioritize and implement valuable ideas.

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Identify talent

Innovation-led growth can uncover hidden innovators across your workforce — the further you reach into your organization the more you'll realize the entrepreneurial genius that was hiding in plain sight.

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Save valuable time

When human error disappears from your workflow, so does the lost time and money that goes along with it. Workflows makes everyone aware of what they’re responsible for, at any time, through automatic triggers and reminders and you can save hours and time you can use to grow your business instead.

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Develop ideas together with collaboration.

Every idea has a right to be considered before it is dismissed. Co-create solutions with clear and easy collaboration features, including threaded comments, mentions, likes, and attachments and ask

For example: Why not collect feedback by asking how might we improve this idea?

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Track overall performance with workspace insights

Find the top innovators at your company, discover hidden synergies between teams, or win the day by topping the innovation leaderboards yourself. Ideanote is jam-packed with valuable insights to prove the story of your company’s success. Its your inbuilt ideation report template.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Export data or integrate with other tools to automate work in a few clicks so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters. From your team chat to your task management platform — Ideanote offers trigger and event based integrations with 1000+ other apps.

For example: Google Sheets, Yammer, HubSpot

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Take action with easy drag & drop

Managing ideas can be easy and playful with Ideanote. When an idea is ready for the next step in the process, just drag & drop it to the next phase and make sure ideas are actually acted on.

For example: How about moving developed ideas into the evaluation phase?

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Monitor innovation culture with engagement charts

Take the temperature on your latest idea collection or dive into the numbers on global engagement. With a single click, you gain insights into the wins and the challenges of your organization so you can make informed decisions on where to take your innovations next. With a finger directly on the pulse of innovation, you can let neat visual dashboards guide you to success.

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Send or receive ideas

Where do ideas come from, where do they go? Decide for yourself by connecting Ideanote to other sources or by sending ideas on to the next one. From backing up ideas in databases or sourcing them from social platforms, Ideanote makes a wide range of connections possible.

For example: How about adding an idea to Ideanote from Alexa Voice commands?

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The world’s top-performing companies are leading with their innovation to drive key business results and increase their organization's competitiveness on the global marketplace.

This means implementing an innovation process that’s easy to adapt, proves its value quickly, and is largely self-service. It means understanding that frictionless, goal-driven innovation help kickstart a virtuous cycle that keeps employees engaged and customers happy. Better innovation processes lead to faster and more profitable growth.

Whether you're already far into your march toward becoming an Innovation-Led Company or just learned about the concept. We’ve created the Innovation-Led Growth Flywheel as a framework that’s easy to start with at any scale.

With Ideanote, you can create your own optimized innovation flow that collects ideas from your people and makes sure the best ideas move forward.

  • Increase revenue. Reach your sales targets with continuous or radical improvements
  • Reduce costs. Identify and implement cost-saving opportunities across the company.
  • Achieve goals. Use the collective mind of your workforce to achieve strategic goals.
  • Engage people. Empower employees and customers to lift the bottom line of the business.
  • Outcompete. Act on customer needs better and faster than your competition.
  • Stay resilient. Make innovation a core competency to stay agile in times of crisis.
Top Ideanote Features for Mid-Market
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Custom Phases
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Idea Linking

Ready to accelerate your Mid-Market innovation?

We believe it should be easy to get started with innovation. That's why we offer both a Free Trial and a Free Personal Demo to let you see if Ideanote is a fit for your business.

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USE-CASE: Employee Engagement

Bring out the best in your people.

Create a happier, more productive workplace with employees that are committed to and aligned on goals.

USE-CASE: Idea Management

Finally, a way to turn ideas into value.

Start sourcing and managing ideas in your organization in a structured way to solve challenges and discover valuable new opportunities.

USE-CASE: Brainstorming

Online brainstorming software that leads to results.

Generate more ideas, faster with a proven collaborative process that is easy to facilitate and leads to results.

Industry Leading

Ideanote consistently ranks as an industry leader on G2 based on hundreds of customer reviews.

Customer Loved

Ideanote has more than 500 five-star reviews; people seem to appreciate a platform that they actually like to use.