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Innovation for patients — from prescriptions to appointments, and more.

Healthcare customers want the attention to detail, the best solutions and support they get from other businesses. Lead the way with an organization that has innovation and people at its heart.


Health and wellness, meet our Platform

Whether you're developing new treatments or have a medical practice, healthcare is about listening to your patients' needs. Co-creating solutions and staying innovative is the best way to create real connections and build trust all while improving your workplace one day at a time.


Convenient and confidential

Offer your patients and personnel an online innovation experience online while keeping their private data secure.


Much more than ideas

Give decision makers the ability to source new solutions, search for best-practices and collaborate accros departments — all within Ideanote.


Find solutions that work.

Bring innovation together in a unified platform that lets you innovate faster and with less risk — by involving the right people at the right time.

"Ideanote is an intuitive product that has helped us transform the organizational priority setting process. The customer success team is also exceptional in terms of responsiveness, willingness to work as a partner and providing flexible services."

Lauren Xie
Project Manager & Business Analyst, Ontario Medical Association

Connected to 1000+ tools

Use the tools your Healthcare depends on and connect it with Ideanote's fully integrated software.

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Powerful, Customizable Healthcare Innovation for Your Enterprise

Take your innovation investment to the next level with the advanced features in Ideanote's Enterprise package.

  • Get a dedicated Success Manager that walks you through implementation and best practices
  • Go beyond just ideas: use robust innovation insights to track innovation performance like leaderboards and topic trends
  • Customize your innovation hub page to reflect your company brand and drive build an innovation culture

Capture ideas in seconds

Ideanote is a powerful idea collection tool. Capture ideas quickly. From teammates, clients or a global crowd — crowdsource new solutions from the combined intelligence of the many.

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Prove your impact

From an engaged innovation culture to implemented ideas, Ideanote helps you prove your innovation efforts are bearing fruits with inbuilt reports that track your impact from day one.

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Automate repetitve tasks

Ideanote Automations do the busywork and create consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters.

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Eliminate friction

Ideanote's idea collections are accessible to all, easy to use and work for asynchronus idea collection too. With the embeddable widget you can even collect ideas right where your people are, like on your intranet or website.

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Celebrate success

Innovation is a team sport — and you'll want to celebrate and appreciate your successes just as much. Ideanote makes it easy to find and share your innovation success stories with your crowd.

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Supercharge existing tools

Ideanote Automations work with external apps to bring everything into a single, shared workflow. Create new ideas and implement clear SOPs across your team without breaking a sweat. Automatically move ideas and integrate with 100+ tools and endless possibilities.

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Improve quality

Not all ideas are born equal — make sure ideas are heard by providing the right context, helpful guiding form fields and idea collections that spark inspiration in today's purpose driven workers.

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Identify talent

Innovation-led growth can uncover hidden innovators across your workforce — the further you reach into your organization the more you'll realize the entrepreneurial genius that was hiding in plain sight.

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Save valuable time

When human error disappears from your workflow, so does the lost time and money that goes along with it. Workflows makes everyone aware of what they’re responsible for, at any time, through automatic triggers and reminders and you can save hours and time you can use to grow your business instead.

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Find solutions with goal-driven idea collections

Launch focused idea-collections centered around a question or a pain point to collect more of your people’s best ideas. If you're ever in doubt, you can browse our gallery of idea collection templates.

For example: How might we improve our product?

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Track overall performance with workspace insights

Find the top innovators at your company, discover hidden synergies between teams, or win the day by topping the innovation leaderboards yourself. Ideanote is jam-packed with valuable insights to prove the story of your company’s success. Its your inbuilt ideation report template.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Export data or integrate with other tools to automate work in a few clicks so you can avoid human error and focus on what matters. From your team chat to your task management platform — Ideanote offers trigger and event based integrations with 1000+ other apps.

For example: Google Sheets, Yammer, HubSpot

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Communicate your vision by adding details

Make sure people have the context they need by adding more detailed descriptions or file uploads to your missions. The clearer your call for ideas - the higher their quality is going to be.

For example: How about adding a video from the CFO personally asking for ideas?

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Monitor innovation culture with engagement charts

Take the temperature on your latest idea collection or dive into the numbers on global engagement. With a single click, you gain insights into the wins and the challenges of your organization so you can make informed decisions on where to take your innovations next. With a finger directly on the pulse of innovation, you can let neat visual dashboards guide you to success.

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Send or receive ideas

Where do ideas come from, where do they go? Decide for yourself by connecting Ideanote to other sources or by sending ideas on to the next one. From backing up ideas in databases or sourcing them from social platforms, Ideanote makes a wide range of connections possible.

For example: How about adding an idea to Ideanote from Alexa Voice commands?

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The healthcare industry has seen significant change in the past few years, due to the emergence of talent from a broader range of professionals not just within traditional fields. The industry looks toward employers working to restore workplace culture, toward sources of talent attracting professionals paid autonomy, and methods for being integrated into an inclusive work environment.

Now, health care organizations need to prioritize innovation in order to progress their business. Ideanote provides an innovation platform that is equally human and efficient. In this way, hospitals can teach themselves how to innovate by starting in small teams and growing it organically over time.

You can control your innovation pipeline with disciplined templates and flexible phases and choose to invest in innovation based on markets demands and your business strategy.

Speed up Decision Making

Healthcare innovation requires the willingness to take risks and use data effectively. Ideanote's decision-making process allows you to make decisions quickly, instead of landing in a rut with company bureaucracys. With innovation practices such goal-driven challenges and agile decision making, you can come up with better results and get where you need to be faster.

Adapt to New Technology

Healthcare executives believe that adapting business models to changing constraints and client expectations is a high priority. The internet of things, VR and digital healthcare solutions are evolving and your company needs to adapt  such changes. Increasingly, doctors and nurses need access to better information while constantly on-the-go. By involving them in co-creation of new solutions, they can confidently work with other staff members-- even when they're wearing gloves or masks in a sterile procedures room.

What are you priorities in healthcare innovation? It's time to make them a reality.

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USE-CASE: Continuous Improvement

Improve your business every single day.

Establish a culture of identifying and implementing improvements in your workplace to lift productivity, quality and customer happiness.

USE-CASE: Open Innovation

Open up your innovation

Accelerate your innovation by opening up the problem to people outside the organization's boundaries.

USE-CASE: Employee Engagement

Bring out the best in your people.

Create a happier, more productive workplace with employees that are committed to and aligned on goals.

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