Innovation Solution for Financial Services

Innovation Tools for Financial Services

Ideanote's innovation tools transform the way you connect with clients in a virtual world. Backed by an enterprise-grade platform that accelerates how fast you can react to customer demands — quickly and securely.

Financial Services

An Innovation Platform that Talks Money

Ideanote enables banks and insurers to speed up their innovation with ideas from the people that know their business best - customers and front line workers.


Give customer problems the attention they need.

Guarantee that no good idea falls through the cracks — so your business can build trust and improve the customer experience.


Build on automated innovation workflows.

Don't let busywork slow down your innovation. Lead with goal-driven idea collections and accelerate your innovation with automation.

Increase Growth

Close high value deals.

Bring people together across teams to build the excellent solutions your customers demand by solving the problems that really matter.


Connected to 1000+ tools

Use the tools your Financial Services depends on and connect it with Ideanote's fully integrated software.

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Innovation in Financial Services

People expect innovative solutions when it comes to their financial services. So give them a customer centric approach where you move ideas forward across customers and internal teams.

The financial services industry is setting the pace for progressing innovation. To be successful in this environment, innovation needs to be a top priority.

Innovation in financial services is flourishing in the industry, and the companies that understand the power of their employees and know how to unleash them are more successful. By investing in training and pushing for creativity in their business models, these companies can find improvements in the company's performance and experience increased customer satisfaction.

Financial services companies are discovering new financial innovations through crowdsourced innovation with the help of innovation software like Ideanote.

When you start innovation in the financial services industry, it’s important to implement your ideas quickly and get them to market. Ideanote is the leading provider of innovation management solutions, helping world leading banks and insurance companies execute on new innovations quickly. We can help you do the same.


Unify your innovation

No more lost ideas across notes, email and text conversations. Give your innovation efforts a new home where all ideas can live and that everyone on your team understands. Ideas? Ideanote.

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Prove your impact

From an engaged innovation culture to implemented ideas, Ideanote helps you prove your innovation efforts are bearing fruits with inbuilt reports that track your impact from day one.

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Innovate your way

Deliver a transparent but custom workflow that involves the right people in collaboration at every step. From developing ideas to professional idea evaluation and more — your innovation, your process.

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Empower your people

People want autonomy and purpose. They want down-to-earth results. They want transparent processes. Ideanote helps you deliver innovation in a way that builds healthy, lasting engagement.

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Celebrate success

Innovation is a team sport — and you'll want to celebrate and appreciate your successes just as much. Ideanote makes it easy to find and share your innovation success stories with your crowd.

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Keep the overview

Innovation is managed chaos. Startups and enterprises alike depend on Ideanote's manage features it's easy to stay on top of even the biggest storm of incoming ideas.

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Make innovation a habit

Kickstart a virtuous culture — that keeps employees engaged and customers co-creating and turn innovation into an organizational competency, not just an expensive external resource.

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Identify talent

Innovation-led growth can uncover hidden innovators across your workforce — the further you reach into your organization the more you'll realize the entrepreneurial genius that was hiding in plain sight.

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Get stuff done

Ideas are worth little, unless they are executed. Make sure the right ideas keep moving forward with an end-to-end innovation funnel that helps your organization prioritize and implement valuable ideas.

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Centralize innovation in your branded workspace

Finally create a home for your innovation customizable workspace. Add your logo, colors and styling or even a custom domain and make people feel at home. Then enable company login with Single Sign-On (SSO) for fast and secure access for your teammates.

For example: How about instead of an Ideanote URL?

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Track overall performance with workspace insights

Find the top innovators at your company, discover hidden synergies between teams, or win the day by topping the innovation leaderboards yourself. Ideanote is jam-packed with valuable insights to prove the story of your company’s success. Its your inbuilt ideation report template.

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Develop ideas together with collaboration.

Every idea has a right to be considered before it is dismissed. Co-create solutions with clear and easy collaboration features, including threaded comments, mentions, likes, and attachments and ask

For example: Why not collect feedback by asking how might we improve this idea?

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Scale your efforts with team folders

Grow from one team to many by adding folders for teams, departments, or topics to keep a tidy overview - even when you scale.

For example: How about a team folder for each department in your organization?

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Monitor innovation culture with engagement charts

Take the temperature on your latest idea collection or dive into the numbers on global engagement. With a single click, you gain insights into the wins and the challenges of your organization so you can make informed decisions on where to take your innovations next. With a finger directly on the pulse of innovation, you can let neat visual dashboards guide you to success.

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Take action with easy drag & drop

Managing ideas can be easy and playful with Ideanote. When an idea is ready for the next step in the process, just drag & drop it to the next phase and make sure ideas are actually acted on.

For example: How about moving developed ideas into the evaluation phase?

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With Ideanote, you can push Financial Innovation

Innovation is key to the future of any industry. Financial services are no exception. Ideanote helps companies grow by lowering the cost of innovation and increasing efficiency. Ideanote gives the leading financial services — from banking, insurance to investment and lending services — the tools they need to build stronger client relationships and close business faster.

Top Ideanote Features for Financial Services
ROI Analytics
SOC II Certified Cloud
AI Duplicate Matching
Hidden Ideas

Ready to accelerate your Financial Services innovation?

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Financial Services
USE-CASE: Open Innovation

Open up your innovation

Accelerate your innovation by opening up the problem to people outside the organization's boundaries.

USE-CASE: Innovation Management

Deliver end-to-end innovation that works.

Create a systematic approach to develop new products, services, processes or customer experiences and sustain your competitive advantage.

Financial Services
Financial Services
USE-CASE: Innovation Challenges

Launch successful innovation challenges.

Launch a competition that ask participants to come up with ideas and solutions to a specific challenge your business needs to solve.

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