Your Innovation Culture: Remastered

Ideanote creates engagement and ownership



Create Challenges and Idea Campaigns

At the core of every business lies challenges. A successful idea campaign is finding these challenges, frame them and ask the right crowd to help solve them.

Invite your workforce or anyone you deem fit to Ideanote. You already set the challenges. Now start collecting ideas. Invite any relevant stakeholder or focus on your own team. Be open, and become amazed at the ingenuity of the collective brain.

Let your crowd determine the challenges. Ever wondered what your stakeholders actually believe is your most significant challenge? With Ideanote, you can fully unleash the untapped resources within and around your organization. Ideanote will enable you to discover optimization options you might even know existed.

Collect ideas, evaluate, and get instant feedback

Inspire ideation & innovation within your organisation. Some ideas will be useless, some will be fantastic. Ideanote creates a forum where you are allowed and encouraged to suggest ideas and changes.

Evaluate ideas. Watch your crowd rate ideas, rank them and discuss why they prefer one over another. All participants can support and comment on the challenges, allowing for fast amendment of the ideas they come up with.

Receive relevant feedback. With a few clicks you can share the created ideas with relevant stakeholders and allow for instant feedback. Whatever your purpose might be, you can easily tap your network for input on whatever your challenge might be. Connect the ones that matter to your challenge and watch them unfold their potential.

Select the best ideas

Our idea management platform supports your selection. By allowing for all invited users to evaluate the ideas, the management gets a solid overview of the innovation process and the reasons for the end result. Transparency in the initial process will benefit your innovation and support swift execution of your ideas.

Managing the process from gathering ideas, evaluating them, and then selecting them is simple and intuitive. Customized access to the various challenges allows for a fast overview for anyone you want to be engaged in your innovation. Our platform will display the ideas creating the most engagement and allow for further action.

Support your own idea management by challenging the initial ideas with other stakeholders. Get strong input and evaluation from the people that matters. Your decisions will be heavily reinforced with solid data and knowledge and ideas will become executable.

Improve engagement in your organization

Start a culture of sharing and caring. Initiate employee inclusion, participation and renew team spirit. Simply support your HR efforts while getting new ideas! Getting broad accept and ensuring corporate buy-in when making changes is much easier if you have involved and engaged your crowd beforehand.

Discover your hidden gems. Most organizations have layers obstructing their innovation. By removing these layers, you can discover hidden gems. You can activate employees who would never suggest radical changes. Keep in mind that even suggesting just small improvements can be difficult for some. Ideanote will empower them to speak up and have their say, and in return create value for your organization.

United We Stand. But divided you might crash and burn. Foster and nurture a culture of engagement, caring and responsibility for your organization, and leave your competition trailing in your dust. Instead of merely talking about engaging employees and stakeholders, simply set out to do it with tangible challenges. We would love to help you get started.

Other Important Stuff

Security is of highest priority and we use industry standard encryption. Ideanote utilizes ISO 27001 and FISMA certified data centers managed by Amazon.

Our platform is accessible anywhere and anytime as long as you are online. Inspiration occurs in many places and at different times. Ideanote enables your employees to participate when it makes sense to them.

The tool is intuitive and is instantly ready to use. Simplicity is important and a key feature. Supporting your innovation practices should be easy and intuitive, not complicated. We believe simple access to evaluating and discussing ideas is essential for good ideation and innovation.