Say hello to your personal innovation lab.

Involve Everyone

Connect people and ideas across teams with an app that makes people-powered innovation a reality.

Automate the Process

Our unique phase system and our smart bot help you you get the most out of every idea while you save time.

Celebrate Together

Get an overview over where ideas land, track their impact - and nurture a culture that says yes to new ideas.

Better ideas, faster.

Our process is built to create value.

Capture ideas anywhere

Inspire your teammates and customers to take part in challenges your team is facing and let them chip in with relevant ideas.

Develop better solutions

Let your community develop each other’s ideas with vital feedback early on - see contribution reach their full potential and be left with better solutions.

Evaluate what to prioritize

With lots of ideas flowing in, Ideanote helps you find the best - just let decisionmakers give the ideas their fair rating based on evaluation criteria that you decide.

Assign what matters

With a prioritized list of actionable ideas at your hand you can easily assign people to take responsibility and bring ideas to life with confidence.

Track your impact

Make people feel part of the success by keeping everyone in the loop - while the impact of your innovation is tracked in real-time.

Why wait?

Start listening to the ideas of your team.

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