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Invite unlimited external stakeholders for free by letting them join quickly and easily as guest users.


Run 100 to Unlimited automations a month (depending on your plan) to outsource repetitive tasks via integrations, triggers, actions and bulk actions.


Delegate your innovation strategy by giving people admin rights so they can manage idea collections, people and workspace settings.


Team folders help you add the right structure to your innovation. Group idea collections and people an create ownership.


Invite people to become members or let them join via your company login. Depending on your plan you can add up to 10, 25, 100 or unlimited members.

10, 25, 100
10, 25, 100

Ideanote was born to make ideas matter. Collect an unlimited number of valuable ideas in your idea collections on any of our plans.



Idea Collections

Collect ideas from any audience with goal-driven idea collections that help you focus your innovation and uncover opportunities.

Idea Widget

Embed idea collections in your app or website to create custom innovation experiences that delight your audience.

Custom Fields

Build your own idea submission forms with custom fields like dropdowns, sliders, attachment fields and more.

Cover Images

Tell a story by uploading custom cover images for your idea collections - or choose from over 2 million free images right within Ideanote.

Idea Collection Details

Attach a description, files or videos to your idea collections to give people context - how about a video of the CFO asking for cost-saving ideas?


Schedule a deadline for idea submissions to create urgency and plan ahead with important idea collections.

Shareable Links

Generate shareable links that give instant access to your workspace, a team or a specific idea collection — a completely hassle-free way to innovate.

Idea Collection Templates

Kickstart your innovation with useful idea collection templates for collecting ideas for new or better products, services or processes.


A video or file can be worth a thousand words. Let people submit links, videos or attachments as part of their ideas and boost your idea quality.

Video Uploads

Let people upload or record videos from right within the app. Support and automatic compression for common file formats including MP4, MOV, MPEG, MP3,


Don't worry when you ran out of battery, closed the browser or just needed a break, drafts are autosaved in the background so you can jump back in.


Custom Branding

You can easily customize Ideanote's style to suit your brand. You can add your own logo, choose a background color, action color and more.

Custom Domain

Besides a workspace on you can also add your own custom domain — why not a home for ideas at

Immediate Scaling

Your site will be snappy for the first or millionth concurrent visitor. Don't worry about getting popular overnight.

Custom welcome modals

Make new users feel special, set the right expectations, and prime them for what comes next with personalized welcome modals.

Remove Ideanote Logo

Love Ideanote but want to remove our branding? No problem. We offer an option that will remove every mention of Ideanote across your workspace.

Custom Fonts

Customize your workspace to fit your brand with a selection of 1000+ Google Fonts, from playful to toned down.

Custom Meta Tags

Customize social meta tags and social preview images for Twitter, Google, Facebook, Slack & more

Real-Time Notifications

Ideanote notifications keep you informed about things that need your attention, across your devices. A great way to keep people in the loop.

Member Profiles

Every member gets their own profile to manage ideas, see their progress and customize settings. Research shows - ownership raises engagement levels.

Activity Feed

Let people explore a feed showing the latest activity from across your workspace and build a feeling of community and a place to get inspired.

Personal Bio

Let people express themselves on their profile with a short tagline their work role or skills. It is engaging to see who is behind an idea.


Engage your people with likeable ideas — and let the crowd vote on their favorites. Doesn't "Someone liked your idea" sound like a great notification?


Develop ideas and gather feedback with co-workers, guests or customers with fine grained control over visibility and who can comment when and where.


Loop experts and stakeholders into the conversation with easy tagging of people in the conversation so the right people stay involved.

Automatic Translation

Identify similar ideas and innovate across markets and languages with automatic on-demand translation of ideas right in the platform.

Multi-Language Support

Engage people with a platform in their own language — 24+ languages including FR, DE, CZ, RU, HU, IT, ES, FI, NL, KR, JP, CN, TH, VN, DA, SE, NO, HR

Email Notifications

Get daily, weekly or monthly summary emails right to your inbox that keep you and your peers informed on what is new in your hub for ideas.

Mobile Device Innovation

Engage people on their mobile devices — wherever they are. Ideanote's PWA (Progressive Web App) is completely mobile optimized for users and admins.

Browser Compatibility

Ideanote works on all modern web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and even the beloved enterprise-classic Internet Explorer.

Windows and macOS App

Ideanote is a available as fully fledged Progressive Web App (PWA) for your desktop — ready to be installed on your Windows and Mac devices.

Bottom-Up Innovation

You decide if admins, team owners or all members can launch idea collections — empower your people and unleash bottom-up innovation.

Open Innovation

Open up your workspace to clients, customers or the entire internet and start harvesting ideas from outside the box.

Team Owners

Delegate team ownership to others and let them manage idea collections, people and ideas within their own area of responsibility.

Invite via .CSV

The easiest way to invite a large group of people in bulk on Ideanote is to upload a .CSV file with a list of all the people you want to add.

Lock Profiles

Depending on your security and privacy requirements, you can prevent users from making changes to their user names, emails, and profile info.

Personal Invite Messages

Need to tell people why you are inviting them to a mission? Sending a personal message with your email invite is built in — so people know what to do.

Workspace Grid

Create multiple workspaces to segregate data between clients or departments and manage them centrally.


Custom Audience

Target and segment your crowd and experts to control who can can comment, evaluate or add ideas in each phase of the process.

Custom Phases

Create custom phases in your idea collections for your ideas to travel through so you always have a process in place for your ideas.

Drag & Drop

Manage ideas like a pro with easy drag and drop of ideas between phases. Now you can move idea forward, literally.

Custom Ratings

Rate ideas on their impact, confidence, ease or any other custom scale you define.

Custom Filters

Advanced idea filtering with a simplified experience — custom filters offer flexibility and precision, powered by boolean operators.

Custom Views

Visualize your innovation with custom views. View ideas as cards, lists, clusters or charts and save custom views for perfect overview.


Never loose another idea. Ideanote's search funtionality lets you find ideas across your idea collections with ease and flexibility.


Sort ideas by their rating, creation data and more to quickly find the ideas that matter.

List View

Manage ideas in one beautiful, powerful, searchable, filterable, sortable list with customizable columns and quick actions.

Card View

Browse cards in a casual card view — perfect for letting members or guests explore ideas at their own pace.

Cluster View

Deep dive into topics and find trends and similar ideas with the cluster view - available for browser ideas across the workspace and idea collections


Put ideas that are not showing enough promise on hold — so you can revisit them later, discover patterns and build a valuable archive of ideas.

Weighted Ratings

Decide which evaluation criterion is most important ('cost' for example) by adjusting the weight given to each criteria

Hidden Ideas

Hide ideas and activities from prying eyes in a specific phase or across an entire idea collection while still allowing the right people access.

AI Duplicate Matching

Identify similar ideas with the power of natural language processing across languages - never build the same thing twice and explore trends with ease.



Visualize engagement, measure how your team is performing, and identify top innovators. So you can celebrate your successes, innovate smart and fast.

Custom Impact

Set up custom impact tracking to measure your success — so you always know how many ideas are implemented or archived and for what reason.

Idea Linking

Identify and link similar ideas with the help of Ideanote's smart AI and idea linking. Even thousands of ideas can become collective insights.

Data Export

Hassle-free export of any idea collection and insights data as excel .XLSX — how you want and as often as you want. Monthly, weekly or daily.

Trend Analysis

Instantly discover trends and topics with Ideanote's inbuilt wordcloud and natural language processing artificial intelligence.

Visual Funnel

Experience a real-time overview of ideas moving through the collaboration phases to view the status of your innovation and your funnel.


Rank users and teams by how many contributions they have made and get an overview of your top performers.

Custom Date Range

Custom date range allows you to filter your Ideanote insights data by a specific time period. Just chose two dates or suggestions like "This Week".

Idea Map

Showcase how many ideas you've collected around the world with an impressive world map that shows the top locations of submitted ideas.



Ideanote seamlessly connects with over 1000+ other tools so you can get even more out your innovation and build time-saving custom workflows.

Bulk Actions

Do you have a few changes that apply to a bunch of ideas? No need to do it one at a time — just apply actions like delete, move on many ideas at once.

API Access

The Ideanote REST API is built on GraphQL and allows external applications to retrieve and edit data from the Ideanote innovation-led growth platform.

Custom Embed

Embed Ideanote externally with flexible support for everything from launching widgets at the click of a button to crating "iframes" of new ideas.


Connect with thousands of apps to create workflows, import, and export data with Zapier.

Google Analytics

Connect Ideanote with you existing Google Analytics and track events such as new ideas, comment or like with fine-grained control along other data.

Google Tag Manager

Add custom CSS, HTML or Javascript via Google Tag Manager. From event tracking to styling to third-party code, you can add custom code with ease.


Single Sign-On

Ideanote supports your Active Directory (AD)-based SAML SSO for fast and secure authentication of your users with their existing login.

Disk encryption at rest

All ideas stored in Ideanote are encrypted at the storage level using AES256 at rest. Data is split into chunks and each encrypted with a unique key.

Disk encryption in transit

Ideanote enforces HTTPS and TLS 1.3 to ensure data is encrypted in transit. Ideanote uses NIST Suite B compliant RSA Encryption with SHA-256.

Google OAuth

Easily enable single sign-on with your existing Google G Suite login using Oauth — either via your G Suite SAML or via Google's Direct Sign In.

Two-factor authentication

Ideanote supports ultra secure two-factor authentication with SMS, Fido Keys or authenticator apps via your company Single Sign-On.

JWT Authentication

Use JSON Web Token (JWT) to authenticate people, for example for direct login via a Sharepoint intranet link and custom built solutions.

Automatic backups

Ideanote automatically creates backups of your data so your valuable ideas don't get lost. Reach out to our customer support for restoring data.

Lock

Manage which sign-in methods you want to allow for your workspace and allow or prevent people from logging in with other authentication methods.

Free SSL

When using Ideanote with your own custom domain, Ideanote provides a free SSL certificate so you can keep your site secure and your SEO optimized.


99.99% Uptime

We know that service interruptions hinder productivity and disrupt your workflow. We've set a high bar for service uptime so you can depend on us.

Custom SLA

A commitment to provide support hours, emergency support and maximum response times as per your needs.


We help you with your compliance needs and answer RFP's RFI's and other RF(x)'s

SOC II Certified Cloud

GDPR Compliant

CCPA Compliant

Audit Trail

All logs remain immutable, time synced, filterable and exportable. We work with Customers on the Enterprise plan to fulfill any audit trail inquiries.


Priority Support

Get personalized priority assistance from the Ideanote support team and support engineers 24/5. So you can focus on rolling out your innovation.

Custom Features

Ideanote gives your company the power to build the best innovation experiences - build on top of our flexible platform or build a solution with us.

Training and onboarding

Receive hands-on best practice training and onboarding for your team of administrators and stakeholders.

In-App Onboarding

Start implementing best practice innovation-led growth by following helpful guides and checklist right in the Ideanote platform.


Got a question? Just ping us in the help chat in the bottom right — Ideanote is there for you 24/5 on any pricing plan. Let's make ideas matter.

Help Center

Find answers quickly across a searchable selection of useful help center articles. Tips, guides, and industry best practices for your innovation.



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