Time for a hand-over.

Stakeholders are heavily invested in the business impact of the ideas. These are the people who can take ideas on to their teams, departments or committees.

They can help draw value out of the the ideas you are managing in your Flywheel.

Combine Ideas

You’ve collected valuable ideas. Depending on how many you’ve collected you might want to group larger patterns and identify similar ideas.

  • Fair to winners. It might create backlash if you send one idea further than another one just like it.
  • Efficient for stakeholders. Give people that are going to work with the ideas more context and save them time by pre-grouping ideas. Just link ideas right within Ideanote to help organize your output with ease.

Hand over Winners

You might have identified several stakeholders in different areas. Now it’s time to hand ideas over to the right ones so they can take action on ideas and help realize their value.