Find Initiators

Goals and key takeaways: Initiators are excited about innovation, and they have business goals that can benefit from collecting ideas with a Idea Collection. Someone has to manage the Idea Collection on behalf of the Initiator. The Idea Collection must have a concise purpose with measurable KPIs.

  • Identify Initiators
  • Identify Idea Collection Owner
  • Define Idea Collection Purpose
  • Set Idea Collection KPIs

Identify your Initiator

With the correct Initiator at your side when you launch your first Idea Collection, it will be easier to overcome any organizational hurdles you run into, so be sure to find a good one.

A good Initiator:

  • Can provide executive air cover and help clear roadblocks
  • Is in a senior position, but not so senior that they can't meet with your team
  • Is responsible for an area that can benefit from innovation and might already have expressed interest
  • Has the authority and resources to take action and implement new ideas

To begin with, you will need to reach out to find your Initiator, but as your new innovation-led growth engine revs up, more and more new Initiators will reach out on their own to initiate or sponsor new Idea Collections.

Identify your Idea Collection Owner You’ve found an Initiator for whom innovation should deliver. Now, who will provide that innovation, organize the process, and shepherd the ideas to the other end?

Find a Idea Collection Owner who has innovation as part of their job description and who is willing to take responsibility for planning, taking action, and keeping the whole thing moving forward.

The Idea Collection Owner is the first dedicated resource for your Flywheel and makes a good sparring partner for the Initiator.

FUN FACT: Because you are reading this guide, you are probably the perfect Idea Collection Owner!

Define your Idea Collection Purpose The purpose of your Idea Collection must be something people can understand. It's best if there is an obvious connection between your Idea Collection's purpose and your organization’s overall business goals.

If you can't describe the strategic goals your Idea Collection supports, you run the risk of launching an irrelevant Idea Collection.

Set your Idea Collection KPIs You need measurable and achievable goals. Find out what counts as a successful Idea Collection based on the Idea Collection's purpose as you've just defined it.

Success in innovation is sometimes measured in:

  • The number of people engaged
  • The number of ideas collected
  • The number of ideas you implemented
  • Dollars, resources, or time saved