Innovation is a team sport and it’s time to get more people on the field.

You know who wants to innovate and what type of ideas you want to collect. For your next stage you’ll scout for contributors, the people that are going to submit ideas.

You can designate your own team, a department, the entire company or even some of your more engaged customers, partners or clients as contributors. It’s up to you.

Define Contributors

Contributors understand and identify with the purpose at the heart  of your Flywheel — and they’re excited about it!

This excitement is driving them to spend the time needed to submit quality ideas and to explore other ways of contributing or understanding the problem at hand more deeply. Perfect contributors are heavily invested in your company, emotionally connect with the purpose and care about your success.

You can cast a wide net or be specific but research shows that having a diverse group of contributors makes for more interesting and better solutions. What kind of people you ask depends on what kind of ideas you are looking for too.

Are you looking for radical new product ideas? You could go for both internal teams or external clients. Want to cut costs in the HR department? No need to ask your customers.

Define Access

But how much should they be able to see? Best practice is to allow them to submit ideas, see other ideas as well as like and comment incoming ideas.

You can be more restrictive if you have legitimate concerns about privacy, IP rights or destructive behavior. If you want to be completely open just generate a shareable link.

With Ideanote all these setting can easily be defined for individual Members, Teams or even the entire Workspace