Time to take action — start spinning the Flywheel by capturing ideas.

You’ve identified the Purpose and an Initiator. Now, the single most important step is defining how you are going to collect ideas.

Asking for ideas in the best way and defining how detailed you want the ideas has a big impact on the rest of the Flywheel.

Define Idea Template

An idea template is like the empty skeleton that people fill their ideas into. It inspires and provides context when needed.

Ideanote offers plenty of custom fields to choose from. Adding helpful contextual clues like placeholder texts means you’re basically side-coaching people; helping them submit ideas in a format that has a better chance at being chosen as a winner.

From your perspective, depending on how broad your audience and question is, you might want to add qualifiers like a checkmark field asking “Which area is this idea impacting?”.

Need some type of legal consent? Add a checkmark field. Need estimates? Add a slider field. Need to know what type of idea it is? Add a radio-button field.

But remember: while people love submitting ideas they do not like wasting time. Only ask the questions you absolutely need to ask. Best practice is about 4, max. 6 questions.

Define How-Might-We-Question

In Ideanote you can launch goal-driven idea collections that center around a challenging question to inspire people to come up with ideas.

We recommend to pose focused, open-ended questions with the How Might We (HMW) method. How Might We questions help people  think differently and come up with new, valuable ideas. The better the question, the better the ideas.

Posing too narrow a question might mean you’re already pre-defining the solution. For example “How might we deliver food via drones?”

Posing too broad a question might leave your people wondering what exactly you are looking for. For example “How might we earn more money?”.

It’s all about striking a balance. A good question provides people with focus, yet leaves enough room to explore even the boldest of ideas. Ask a question that inspires, instills purpose and is easy to understand.