Idea of the Week: AngelList

Ideanote loves good ideas. That is kind of our thing. And we want to share a lot of those good ideas with others. Therefore, we want to focus on the American company AngelList, the meet-and-match site for startups, investors and job-seekers.

Angel List: An Awesome Idea

There are plenty of opinions on AngelList on the web, ranging from ‘it is awesome’ to ‘it is not worth using’. But in the world of tech startups, we at Ideanote believe that if you use AngelList right, it can bring enormous value.

Created in 2010 by Naval Ravikant, it enables tech startups to get in touch with investors directly and for free. While some companies argue that LinkedIn is just enough to get the right contacts in business, using AngelList, you increase the chances of finding the right investor for your company.

Just like on most similar sites, the essential thing is to have a kickass profile, describing your company in a few, but well-considered sentences, while capturing the investor’s attention by high resolution photos of your product. Including past and current investors, founders and employees adds trustworthiness.

To use the platform to the fullest, you should also utilize its function to hire employees. AngelList is one of the few platforms out there that lets you post unlimited amount of job posts, free of charge, until you actually hire someone. And if you are looking to hire interns from all over the world to add talent to your company, there is no better way.

It must be added though, that AngelList is still primarily a big hit in the US, where it was originally founded. But that does not have to be a bad thing, even though you’re at the opposite side of the world. After all, Silicon Valley, New York or California is not the worst place to go, whether you are an investor or an ambitious guy or girl looking for a job in the startup industry.

Check out our AngelList Profile for inspiration and have a look at our open intern positions too

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