New Website to get you started with Innovation-Led Growth

We've made it easier to get started with innovation. Read the story behind our new branding and expression.

Innovation has changed — and so have people's expectations. Innovation is mainstream. People are looking for a simpler, more efficient way to collect, develop and manage ideas. Without all the fuzz.

Over the last year Ideanote has worked to make just that possible: innovation without the busywork. With automations, templates and full customizability for thousands of customers Ideanote is now the leading idea management platform.

To celebrate this we wanted to give people a new way to explore all the ways Ideanote can help make ideas matter, so we opened a new chapter for the Ideanote website. Read on if you want a quick overview of the countless ways this new chapter makes Ideanote simpler and more accessible for you.

The Ideanote brand promise

At Ideanote, all of our work is anchored by the promise to make ideas matter – and drive faster growth for your business as a result. Because ideas matter and so do the people behind them. From customers to employees to non-profit volunteers. We all have ideas and they need a place to live and grow.

Ideanote's design is an expression of it's vision to serve as the new standard for innovation for teams and businesses of any size.

New pricing

In 2020 we saw a surge of interest from smaller teams, agencies and freelancers that wanted to make Ideanote a home for their innovation needs. Under the banner of being The New Standard for Innovation we believe every team deserves a chance to manage their ideas in a simple, efficient and engaging platform built for growth. With our new pricing plans we are making sure Ideanote is affordable and ideas are never lost - even if you decide to downgrade, our new Free plan is there for you.

Ideanote's scaleable new pricing plans are for everyone.

Sharper website layout

More people are exploring Ideanote as a way of solving their innovation needs and we are adding more content to help them find their own path. As our favorite famous leathery superhero loves to say: With more content comes more responsibility. As a product company we take that responsibility on us.

To stay clear in our structure and expression while we open up we have given ourselves a more timeless design system we can rely on to never be in the way for us or the reader. Structure needs to be a given before the fun can begin. Sharp buttons, square boxes, black white, light gold and grey layouts and only a few hints of our blue brand color Cobalt give Ideanote room to say what it needs to say, while being undeniably clear.

In a way, a more toned down and egalitarian approach to layout and design comes from the heart. We don't care which use case you favor, which pricing plan you choose. We love our customers in all their forms — and they love us. Workshops? A 3-month pilot? A personal idea collection workspace? Our product does not judge. We don't judge. Our design does not judge.


Our products represent the core, broad use cases for Ideanote — Collect, Engage, Manage, Measure and automate — not detailed functionality. Each Ideanote product encompass a variety of features, that we continue to build on. These jobs-to-be-done are of lasting importance for any of our customers. Any features we build are aimed at enabling our customers to be able to solve these jobs in a more simple, engaging and efficient way.

Ideanote's five products align perfectly with the innovation-led growth flywheel and permeate how benefits are communicated on the website and in the product.

Ideanote's five core products help you innovate at scale.

Accent colors

Another thing you might notice on the website are some

The other thing you’ll notice on the website is the bold new brand color: teal (or as we like to refer to it, “Electric Mint”). The teal and our new secondary colors make up an energizing, confident color palette that is designed to make a statement and evoke an opinion.

A logo update

With a sharper expression overall, Ideanote's Logo, as the New Standard of Innovation, deserved a brush up as well.

Ideanote's new Logo

A lot of platforms use their own rounding rules for apps and brands so you might still find Ideanote's brand mark in a rounded variant on your phone's homescreen - but if your design is cutting corners our new logomark is read with all the corners sharp and ready.

Product in action

Building a website around showing what a software can do can lead to a dull experience. Yes, we're a product company but just showing screenshots does not do it justice. That's why we are going with simplified and colorful product illustrations that show key moments and interactions instead of the full picture. You can always dig deeper by browsing the details of a feature or just trying out Ideanote in action by creating a free workspace.

An illustration of our Team feature. Grow your innovation by adding a team.

Starting the Innovation-Led Growth movement.

We did not set out to just redefine the Ideanote brand. Over the years we've been in a close conversation with our customers, learning with them and building our own understanding of what is necessary to innovate in today's world. The pace of innovation has changed and with it the expectations of everyone involved. Ideanote is mainstream, but it requires new norms and ways of thinking. It has always been our goal to democratize access to the tools of innovation, to be able to amplify the voice of every idea.

With the stories shared by customers, their needs, their fears and dreams we have formed a new framework for working with innovation that we have dubbed Innovation-Led Growth. As a community of innovators we have prototyped and refined the Innovation-Led Growth Flywheel as a model for successful continuous innovation for companies at any scale. Anywhere, in any industry.

We'd love to have you join us on our journey. Try our book on Innovation-Led Growth and let us know if you've got more stories to share in the public idea collection below

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