Danish hygge through innovation

Globally, Copenhagen is recognized for its excellent design and innovation, giving simple yet functional angles to its communities. Over the years, Copenhagen has been seeking to develop and utilize its open, empty spaces with great innovation. Read on to discover how Danish Innovation and Hygge have merged, in this cool project.

The goal has been to boosts a positive sense of value towards local communities that benefit from these facilities. Another great thing about this movement is the fact that other nations and cities get inspired to develop similar designs and solutions supporting their communities. There is huge potential for creating better lives in cities!

Superkilen: 3 Colors Uniting 1 Neighborhood

Danes like to incorporate the concept of hygge into everything they do. At Ideanote, we’re all up for that! Especially when it comes to innovations that bring people together. We especially love this concept of bringing people together because at Ideanote we believe in the awesomeness of an inclusive culture.

One great example of innovation that brings the community together is right in our backyard – Superkilen. Therefore, we thought we’d share some insights on the area and how innovation and hygge merge in this multicultural melting-pot.

Danish Innovation

Copenhagen has been facing issues in the past with maintaining the more socially challenged parts of the city. A strategy, that has proven highly effective, is to develop a space for people to get away from all the stress, in places that foster engagement and enjoyment. Hence, Copenhagen’s Superkilen is a project made in a creative collaboration between BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, German Topotek 1 and Superflex. Over 50 different nationalities live around this area, and the community is included in the design and keeping of it.

Danish Innovation

Superkilen is a public park which opened in 2007 as a part of an urban make-over project, the aim was to use Danish Innovation to create a cool public space. The people living in the area of Superkilen come from 57 different cultural backgrounds and Superkilen contains 57 different elements, each providing a brief backstory to the objects’ origin, design, and usability.

Superkilen is a creative version of a public garden, made of almost futuristic objects from all over the world – the idea is to to promote the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood.

The dynamic structures are arranged in three sections; Red, Black, and Green, you can discover each section below.

The Red Square

The Red Square focuses on supporting the diversity of the local city dwellers. The inspiration for Superkilen comes from elements of the inhabitants’ home countries and show the multicultural nature of Nørrebro. This way, the public sector supports diversity and cultural inclusiveness, while smashing the scale for Danish Innovation.

cultural innovation
The black octopus from Tokyo

From American neon signs to Russia and Qatar, Bollards from Ghana and much more, including the Heart structure. The Red Square, cultivates the different nations, with meaningful and inspiring messages sprinkled with some good ol’ Danish Hygge.

The Black Market

Innovation and Hygge
The Moroccan fountain at the center of the Black Market

The Black Market is the heart of Superkilen and the urban living room for the residents. with public chess-boards and benches, this is the place where the residents meet around the Moroccan fountain. The place where they engage in backgammon and chess. What better way to socialize and leave the comfort of your four walls?

The Green Park

The neighbors asked for more green, and green they got! The Green park area mostly appeals to the younger ones and their families, but everyone is welcome. Here the residents gather to play football or to walk their dogs.

When it comes to diversity, you’ll find Armenian picnic tables with South African BBQ`s, a volcano-shaped sports arena for basketball and football, a dance pavilion all the way from Texas, and a muscle beach structure from Los Angeles with a swing from Kabul. Sounds crazy? It is – in the most awesome way!

Co-creation of Hygge
The swings from Kabul, Iraq

People from the community helped to create this project. By being a crucial part of the creative processes, the people are more at home, to many a fun experience. They feel like they contribute to the decision-making process and that makes them value the outcome even more.

Superkilen is a great example of social and Danish innovation in the public sector. Moreover, it is a great example of a smart ideation process. Involve everyone that has the potential to improve your idea, especially people who will directly benefit from it. Do it early in the process and enjoy the results. It can be really simple, just ask us about it!

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